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Roma storage system

Roma is our most flexible storage system. With a large number of choices you can assemble a piece of furniture that suits your needs. Roma can be used as a media bench, chest of drawers, cabinet, office unit, kitchen island, bookshelf … well wherever you need storage! The unit is made to order by our skilled cabinet makers in our own joinery on Gotland.

You can buid your Roma in our configurator and get the measurements and price right a way.

The frame-work

Roma storage system is based on square sections that measure 40×40 cm internally. Choose size from 1×1 up to 5×3 (or 3×5) sections.The frame-work comes in two depths; 32,5 and 45 cm.


In your frame-work, you can place shelves, drawers and doors wherever you want. There is a variety of options to choose from. For example, there is a drawer bank with three drawers that fits into a section and there is a new spacious size of drawer that half a section high, ie there´s room for two of them in a section. Both drawers and doors are also available in larger sizes which span over two modules (the partition then disappears and the size of the module is 82×40 internally).

Back piece

Wherever you choose to place drawers and doors a back piece is mounted behind. Otherwise the sections are open through as standard. A back piece can be added to those sections aswell. If you would like a hole for cables in a back piece just put a mark on the drawing.


Choose between legs (h:15 cm), plinth (h:10 cm) or wheels (h:15 cm). Smaller units can be wall hung.


Gotlandic limestone, black granite and upholstered seat can be added on the top.


Depth: 32,5, 45 cm
Length: 44, 86, 128, 170, 212 cm
Height with legs/wheels: 59, 101, 143, 185, 227 cm

Plinth: Height is decreased by 5 cm
Stone top: Height is increased by 3 cm
Standard surface treatment birch: White oil or soap
Standard surface treatment oak: Linseed oil or soap

This item can be ordered in our stores or at a G.A.D retailer.
This piece of furniture is made to order. Normal delivery time is approximately 8 weeks.