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Klinte storage system

Klinte storage is a system which can be custom made with shelves, drawers and doors. The frame comes in three heights and five widths. Loose shelves can be places both horizontally and vertically. Choose to place your unit on legs or plinth or to be hung on the wall. A limestone top is also available.
There are two kinds of drawers to choose from. The first one is mountes in a specific place on beech runners. It can be ordered with mountings of stainless steel or brass or with a finger grip; a recess in the wood. The other one is loose and can be placed anywhere a suitable compartement is created with shelves. The loose drawer has a finger grip.

Both frame and drawers are put together with dovetail joints. the legs are pulled in at the back to make room for skirting boards. Klinte has a back panel as standard. The back can be deselected if wanted. The storage system is suited to store binders. Also behind closed doors.

All information and measurements can be found in the product sheet.

29 cm

1 comp. 37 cm
2 comp. 72 cm
3 comp. 107 cm
4 comp. 142 cm
5 comp. 177 cm

Low 37 cm
Medium 54 cm
High 72 cm

LEGS: increases hight by 20 cm
PLINTH: increases hight by 6 cm
STONE TOP: increases hight by 2 cm

This item can be ordered in our stores or at a G.A.D retailer.
This piece of furniture is made to order. Normal delivery time is approximately 8 weeks.