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Högklint storage system

Build your Högklint bookcase in our configurator and get price and measurements instantly.

The most flexible bookcase existing? This bookcase may be fitted with shelves and dividers to achieve the size desired for each compartment down to size 8,5×8,5 cm (a size perfect to bring order to your wine collection). Complement with drawers and glass doors where ever needed. Plan the storage for your unique needs to suite your book collection, art,
glasses or other items. Here you have all possibilities to really customize your piece of furniture.

Choose the number and placement of all shelves/dividers needed. One shelf is fixed on the tall model for stability (see drawing). Complement with glass doors and drawers of choice. Choose if you want a back panel. Choose height, Högklint comes in two heights: 229 and 103 cm (with legs)(legs may be shortened if needed). Choose width by combining the basic units (see drawings). The bookcase may be extended by additional basic units and shelves in the future, for example when your book collection grows too big.

The lower Högklint comes with afull-length wooden top to cover the section joints. The bookcase is delivered in parts and assembled at its final location. The legs are positioned to allow for a skirting board and still keep the bookcase
tight against the wall.

All parts are made from solid birch or oak, treated with two coats of oil with a light sanding in between.

This item can be ordered in our stores or at a G.A.D retailer.
This piece of furniture is made to order. Normal delivery time is approximately 8 weeks.