Our History

Twenty years ago the founder and designer of G.A.D, Kristian Eriksson, decided to leave Stockholm and the IT-business to move to Gotland. He nursed a dream to start a furniture company with a quality furniture line produced in traditional ways. A statement that was going against the marketing trends of cheap and mass produced furniture.A small furniture line was created and presented at the Furniture Fair in Stockholm. It became a success! The bench called Fårö was given the the design award “Utmärkt Svensk Form” (m. Excellent Swedish Design) and is still one of the Company´s most popular products.

Soon the orders started coming in and a joinery seen the light of day in Hemse on Gotland. And that is still where almost all G.A.D´s products are being made, by a handfull of skilled carpenters. The furniture is made from solid hardwood of birch an oak of highest quality combined with local natural materials such as fleece and limestone but also glass and steel which creates exciting material combinations.

The hidden qualities in the fine handicraft that is being done is always present in the design. Underneath the surface lies these qualities. Like the drawers joined with half blind dovetails or drawer runners of beechwood which is an oilier type of wood that makes the drawers glide smooth.

Other key details in the design is the stainless steel mountings which are ground flush with the wood, the mortice and tenon joints and the unbroken woodgrain across the fronts taken from the same piece of wood. The solid materials and traditional joinery techniques gives furniture which can be restored to mint condition even after many years of usage. The strength of a G.A.D piece is the ability to attract and draw your attention without being intrusive or bold. It is vital the design and functions are longlasting and the style fit both your present and your future home.

Today nobody knows how old a piece of furniture from G.A.D can get. But don´t be surprised to find tables, chairs and sofas going up as exclusive objects in future auctions, handed in as heritage.The history of G.A.D doesn´t end here. It has only just started.

G.A.D tillverkar möbler för hand i eget snickeri på Gotland.