G.A.D tillverkar möbler för hand i eget snickeri på Gotland.

It takes time to make G.A.D furniture

When we started G.A.D we quickly discovered how difficult it is to engage subcontractors while keeping top quality. After a number of tries we started our own joinery in 1999. It was the first newly established joinery in Sweden in a decade. Today we have 12 cabinet makers working for us. All of them very skilled and devoted. It takes a couple of years to master our ways of working and have full knowledge of our production.

We only use timber of AA-class, which is the highest grade of timber there is. The timber is checked and sorted by colour and grain to achieve harmony within the finished piece of furniture. Parts are being produced in machines with high precision. A lot of the pieces are put together with morticec and tenon joints. Doors are sanded into place individually. Traditional dovetail joints are used in the construction of most drawers. Mountings in stainless steel are ground flush for a perfect fit. All mountings are masked before surface treatment. We put on at least two coats with manual sanding in between to achieve a velvet smooth finish.

There are only a handful of joineries in Sweden today which use traditional joinery methods and surface treatments. We always strive for highest quality in all stages, from raw material, construction, assembly and surface treatment to packing.

Our production is split into small series to receive full control of quality. There is always one cabinet maker in charge of each piece of furniture throughout production. After the cabinet maker approves the final result he or she signs the piece and hands it to our packing department. Very soon it will be part of your home.