Underhåll av G.A.D möbler av naturliga material.


Birch is a hardwood with a long tradition in furniture making. The light colour of the wood is strongly associated with the “Scandinavian Blonde” look.


This heavy hardwood also has a long tradition in furniture making. The oak is very durable and ages gracefully. Oak treated with linseed oil gives off a wonderfull scent.


The Gotlandic limestone, also called “Limestone marble” is 400 million years old and rich in fossils. Every top is edge carved all around. The surface is light and matt and because of the fossils each piece is unique, no two stones will look the same.


We love using fleece from the out-wintering Gotlandic sheep. The breed is renowened for having one of the best fleeces in the World. The wool is gray with adorable curls and a fantastic lustre.


We use natural vegetable tanned aniline leather from Tärnsjö Garveri which is produced in a sustainable way and will get a beautiful patina of years of use. We also use chrome free, dyed semianiline leather of superb quality from Elmo.

Wool fabric

A wool fabric has the best attributes among upholstery fabrics. It is hardwearing, durable, naturally stain resistant and burns poorly. It feels cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. Our standard fabric is made from 100% merino wool (no mulesing) and comes in three shades of gray which all goes excellent with both birch and oak.


The black granite is honed and comes from Italy. The hard and dark surface brings thoughts of elegance and weight.