Underhåll av G.A.D möbler av naturliga material.

New furniture

Wood is an amazing material. Renewable, beautiful and living! It expands and contracts depending on time of year, humidity and temperature. Our furniture is constructed to allow this to happen.

Wood must be treated. More so in the beginning and less as the years pass by. When a piece of furniture is newly sanded and oiled it is velvet
smooth. With time it gets more rough when the fibres in the wood absorb moisture and raises. Oak furniture especially should be sanded lightly and oiled a couple of times after delivery since its fibres tend to raise more easily. After this treatment the surface becomes velvet smooth again and does not have to be oiled very often. In a very dry climate it needs to be oiled a bit more frequent.


Choose your maintenance product after the surface treatment. To maintain natural oiled oak furniture we recommend warm pressed linseed oil. If the oak is treated with white oil we recommend “OSMO Hårdvaxolja vit”. If you have a white oiled birch product the “OSMO Underhållsvax vit” is more suitble. The maintenance products should be applied in a thin layer with the woodgrain and be rubbed in untill the surface is dry. For a higher finish or to remove dry fibers use a super fine sandpaper (400-600) before the treatment.


The soaptreatment protects the surface by saturation. Tabletops that are used frequently should be wiped and cleaned with soapwater weekly when the piece is new and every second week or when needed after that. The soapwater is mixed by adding one tablespoon of soap flakes to one litre of tepid water. Stir untill the flakes have dissolved and the mixture feels well thickened. Use a sponge or cloth and apply the liquid along the grain and leave to dry. Sand lightly with super fine sandpaper (400) if the surface feels coarse.

Painted furniture

We paint our furniture with Estate Eggshell from Farrow & Ball. The eco friendly paint is waterbased with 20% sheen. Clean your painted furniture with a moist cloth. Many modern cloths works perfect with only water, add a bit of soft soap if needed.


Limestone is quite porous and must be treated before use to become stain resistant. We have chosen to use ordinary soft soap and water as surface treatment which gives a matte, light and natural finish. The stone should be maintained with soft soap regularly to keep the stone protected. This mild and scenting impregnation gives a tough surface and protects against most stains common to table tops.

The stone is already treated when you recieve it. For ordinary maintenance use a mix of 1 part soft soap and 8 parts water. Wipe the stone with the mixture and leave to dry. To remove a stain place a sponge with concentrated soft soap on the stain and leave over night. Repeat if necessary. Tougher stains can be removed with clear washing up liquide or chemically pure naphtha (petroleum). These chemicals degrease the stone, make sure to treat the stone afterwards. Use a thicker mix; 1 part soap and 4 parts water. A nailbrush is a handy tool to remove stains, the stone withstands scrubbing.  Red wine and coffee should be wiped at once. Never use salt or acid cleaners, they will erode the stone.


Natural fleece can be vaccum cleaned and aired. Soak up spilled liquids with a cloth or kitchen towel. Sometimes it is easier to remove a sticky stain after it has dryed by combing it away. Fleece that has become flat from sitting on it can be sprayed lightly with water and combed to get the locks to pop back up.


Wool is naturally stain resistant. If a stain sticks we recommend a wool detergent or bile soap. Dab the detergent onto the stain without rubbing and soak up the dirty water with a cloth or kitchen towel. Repeat untill the stain is gone, it may take quite a few attempts.


A quality leather ages beautifully and will last a long time with the right maintenance. Be aware that direct sunlight might fade dark leahter and make light leather darker. Do not use strong cleaning agents, they can dehydrate or miss colour the leather. Maintain your leather furniture in two steps. Start by cleaning with a leather cleaner. Finish by rubbing in a natural leather wax to protect the surface and moisturize the leather.